Frontier Workwear was established in 2003 and soon after the business commenced, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation awarded Frontier Workwear with our import and export licence.

Since this period, Frontier Workwear has quickly gained a reputation for a quality range of products, offering outstanding value to our customers. Our products are noted for their practical and comfortable design. We are committed to the highest levels of reliability and customer service and pride ourselves in the many long term customer relationships we have developed.

Frontier Workwear offer a broad range of workwear and industrial safety products  and have traditionally specialized in the area have Hi- Vis garments. Our products are specifically designed to meet the functional and quality standards and needs of our customers around the world. We employ the best fabrics and designs to deliver a product of the highest quality.

Frontier Workwear products are currently used around the world in many industrial situations such as, mining, construction, telecommunication, infrastructure and transport industries.  

The Frontier Workwear story is a story of two women. It’s the story of persistence, loyalty, hard work and a commitment to quality. The story starts in a village in the south of China in 1980 with a loyal and hardworking woman taking the decision to raise her eldest grand daughter after so many years of raising her four children and looking after her husband. Many women in this situation would have preferred some time of rest and leisure, but she chose the harder path in commitment to her family and grand daughter.

Many years past, much work was done and many lessons were learnt, before her grand daughter left the village to learn and grow more with her fellow students at the University of Suzhou. As the grand daughter worked hard and was hungry for learning, her grand mother did not stop. She decided her work was not done and set about raising a younger grandson and in the same way working hard teaching well.

After many more years of persistence, loyalty, hard work and commitment to quality, the grand daughter founded the business Frontier Workwear.

Frontier Workwear has the characteristics of it’s founder and her grandmother with its commitment to quality and hard work to look after its workers and to serve its customers.

Today, the grandmother and grand daughter work side by side every day working hard to make Frontier Workwear a quality business for their workers, customers and future.

This is the story of two women.